Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close my pool for the winter?  It is not advisable. The water temperature here is never low enough that algea won’t grow. Because pools in Florida are concrete they have to be maintained with proper chemistry on a regular basis to avoid problems.
Do pool blankets save me money?  Yes but only if used properly. Blankets need to be taken back halfway every 3 to 4 days.
Why do I need pool service weekly?  Higher temperatures and more rain in Florida make it necessary to treat your pool every week to maintain proper chemistry. Treating your pool every 2 weeks for example, will make chemicals unstable. The first week may be high and the second low. Weekly service also prevents problems from getting out of hand. If we spot a small problem, we’ll let you know right away before it becomes a big one.
Do you service all pool equipment? Yes, except pool heaters. We have a technician that will come and inspect your equipment, and give you a free quote – or we can direct you to a pool heating specialist.
Can I make my pool a salt pool? Yes, call us for a free quote. We are always happy to come out and explain all of your options to you, on site.
Why can’t I just use stabilzer tabs in my pool?  Stabilizer tabs, or Cyanuric Acid, will bond with the chlorine in your pool and prevent it from working properly if they are used too often or in the wrong measurements. This can become dangerous to you and your family as well as corrosive to the concrete.

Does a salt system save money?  No. A salt system is still chlorine based and it is still necessary to maintain proper chemistry. It is, however, good for your skin.


Why add chlorine to a salt pool?  Pools sometimes need to be shocked and salt pools are still chlorine based systems. Algaecides though,should never be used in a salt pool.

What should I do if I notice a crack in my pool?  A crack may or may not mean a leak. Give us a call and we can help you determine your best course of action with a few tests and we can give you some recommendations and referrals.
How do I know if it’s algae or a stain?  If you can brush it off then it is algae but if brushing doesn’t affect it, then it is a stain and we can give you a free quote on removing it.
What if there is excessive trash or debris or even animal feces in my pool?  Each case is different and we would have to assess the situation and follow CDC guidelines but we offer free quotes.

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