Fred Terhune My name is Fred Terhune, and I am the proud owner of Howard’s Pool World, Inc. We have been in the pool service business since 1988. I am a dedicated, licensed, and insured pool professional, and our company provides pool service to residential and commercial customers in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Rotunda, North Port, Venice, and surrounding areas of Florida.

My goal, as a swimming pool professional, is to educate all swimming pool owners about the new laws before making any potentially adverse decisions. Before you make another purchase for your swimming pool or spa, please read the following attached letters.

Swimming pool residential cleaningAre you aware of the House of Representatives Energy Bill 7135 (2008)? In short, this is a law enacted in 2008, that affects everyone who owns a swimming pool in the State of Florida. Please visit our Pool Safety page to learn more about pool and spa safety and legislation.

You may also want to know that your existing pool pump could be wasting as much as $620 to $1,360 a year in electricity expenditure? Our team of pool professionals can help you save money with an efficient pool pump or pool heater.

Interested in free pool service? Give us a call and we will show you how.

Fred Terhune

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